Brightening Treatment

This is a customized treatment based on your skin pigment. The brightening can consist of a 2% hydroquinone serum or a less active dose of azelaic acid to brighten the skin. This will be applied at the finish of your treatment. This can also be applied during your chosen exfoliation treatment for deeper penetration and more optimal results. For best results: Recommended at least 4 treatments before seeing improvement.

Add to any facial … $10

Tightening Treatment

This will be a customized treatment based on your skin analyzation. It will be a higher dose of retinol or vitamin C to help brighten and tighten your skin. The penetration of this serum after pore opening during your facial will produce optimal results. Keep in mind that your home care regimen is required for best results. Recommended at least 4 treatments before seeing improvement.

Add to any facial … $10

Vitamin C Mask

This is a revitalizing treatment for your skin. You can add this to any facial for an immediate brightening and tightening effect. This is best utilized right before an important event or if you just want am amazing look immediately. This treatment can be added onto a facial or can be performed as a stand alone treatment for that immediate glow before a special event. This can be a stand alone treatment, or added to any facial as part of the exfoliation process.

Stand alone treatment … $59

Add to any facial … $29

High Frequency Treatment

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This is an amazing treatment for anyone. Whether you are having the occasional breakout, or to boost that wrinkle that just won’t go away. This is an amazing treatment for teens suffering from acne. Sometimes product and skin care regimens aren’t working fast enough. Impliment a high frequency treatment into your facial and come in between treatments for a boost! This treatment helps oscillate oxygen into the skin at a high rate. Bacteria can not live in an oxygenated environment, therefore it helps kill existing acne and helps fight future breakouts. This is also a great treatment for a boost before that big event!

Stand alone treatment will be approximately 20 min. The skin will be cleansed, high frequency will be performed followed by a toner. The treatment will be finished with targeted SPF.

Stand alone … $18

Add to any facial … $10

Brow Wax … $18

Lip Wax … $12

Chin Wax … $15

Brow Tint … $20

Lash Tint … $25